Visiting hours

Updated 27/04/2021:


Please see below for the visitor restrictions for Level 1 and 2 of the hospital.


We are now allowing one visitor for our overnight patients in the Ward, for 1-2 hours.


For day patients, no visitors allowed except in exceptional circumstances:

  • A parent/guardian/temporary carer of a patient under 18 years
  • To provide essential care and support necessary for a patient or aged care resident’s immediate physical, emotional or social wellbeing that optimises the care and support delivered by workers and can’t be provided by the person by electronic means
  • To provide interpreter or informal language support to enable delivery of care by workers
  • Patient or aged care resident who has a mental illness – the patient’s nominated person is present for matters related to their role as nominated person
  • Learning to support the patient or aged care resident care upon discharge

Please note, any visitors that fall under these exceptional circumstances still need to pass our strict screening process.