Your discharge

Your discharge

Discharge time for all patients is before 9:30am. We ask that you vacate your room before 9:30am to allow us to prepare for the next patient. A fully serviced and staffed discharge lounge on the 2nd floor is available if you are unable to leave by this time. Your room will not be available after 9:30am on discharge day.

Before you leave the hospital please make sure that you have packed all your personal belongings including: medications that you brought with you on admission, X-rays, doctors appointment details, and any other relevant items and instructions.

Upon discharge you are required to present to reception to settle any out-of-pocket expenses incurred during your stay.

Planning your discharge

Please click the image below to read everything you need to know about planning your discharge from hospital. Please note: All patients who have had either sedation or a general anaesthetic MUST NOT go home without a responsible escort.