Your discharge

Your discharge

Discharge time for all patients is before 9:30am. We ask that you vacate your room before 9:30am to allow us to prepare for the next patient. A fully serviced and staffed discharge lounge on the 2nd floor is available if you are unable to leave by this time. Your room will not be available after 9:30am on discharge day.

Before you leave the hospital please make sure that you have packed all your personal belongings including: medications that you brought with you on admission, X-rays, doctors appointment details, and any other relevant items and instructions.

Upon discharge you are required to present to reception to settle any out-of-pocket expenses incurred during your stay.


Planning your discharge from Hospital

It is important that you think about how you will manage when you get home. Talk to your doctor about any possible changes in your physical capabilities. If you think you will require any assistance, speak with your nurse.


Things to consider before going home

Transport home: Consider how you will travel home. If you are transferring to another local hospital we can usually arrange transport for you.

Support network: If you live alone or have limited support, could a family member or friend come and stay with you?

Carers: Will a partner or family member who cares for you need additional assistance? Will you need assistance if you are the carer for someone else?

Food: You may consider private meal delivery services at home.

Shopping: Think about how you will get your shopping. Some supermarkets offer home delivery and some may provide phone order and delivery services. There are also food shopping sites on the internet that will deliver.

Mobility and hygiene: Will the environment in and around your home (such as stairs) make it difficult for you to manage?

Home nursing: If it becomes apparent that you will need community nursing care after your admission, we can help to arrange this. It is important to note that assistance in personal care / showering can be quite limited.

GP appointment: Have you made a follow up appointment with your family doctor following your discharge? Please ask your Nurse for further assistance.