Infection Control

Infection Control Prevention Strategies

Monash House Private Hospital is a quality management facility that is committed to ongoing quality improvements and the delivery of safe healthcare.

Risk identification and management, auditing, quality improvement activities and partnering with consumers are the key processes utilised that allows us to capture the essential information required to implement the necessary changes.


Hand Hygiene

“The 5 moments of hand hygiene” are employed at MHPH in accordance with Hand Hygiene Australia are:

  1. Before touching a patient
  2. After touching a patient
  3. Before a procedure
  4. After a procedure
  5. After touching a patient's surroundings

It is mandatory that all staff complete Hand Hygiene certification annually.

Compliance rate is benchmarked against national compliance rates.

Patients and consumers are encouraged to perform hand hygiene frequently. You will find alcohol-based hand rub available in throughout the hospital.


Based on clinical staff employed at Monash House Private Hospital compared to national compliance. Reference Hand Hygiene Australia 2020

Good hand hygiene helps reduce the transmission of infection and keep risks down!



Additional strategies have been implemented at MHPH in response to COVID-19 in line with recommendations from both Federal and State health authority regulations:

  • Increased screening measures commencing during pre-admission and admission
  • Having a screening clerk at hospital entrance conducting temperature checks, surveying and documenting all people coming in to the hospital for traceability purposes
  • Social distancing and signage
  • Development of policies and procedures and pandemic action plans
  • Mandatory COVID-19 education for all staff and regular bulletins/updates
  • Increase in PPE and alcohol based hand-rub accessibility
  • Consumer information sheets