Patient Survey

Patient Survey 2019



“I am fortunate enough to be under the expert care of Dr Guy Buchanan for the last two years. During this time Dr Buchanan has treated me with the utmost respect and genuine care and concern. I am extremely grateful for his support and knowledge in the management of my pain. I could not recommend him enough”.


“The Nurse who looked after me in recovery was the best Nurse in terms of the care I have ever had. Excellent care provided”.


“Was a fantastic place, been there twice now, more than helpful. First time waiting time was very long and wasn’t given information or up to date, so I complained. This time was so much better”.


“I understand the importance of patients being ready for Doctors but an average of three hours waiting time from time of arrival to procedure was unnecessary, not to mention painful for someone who is there for treatment as I am unable to sit for more than 20 minutes without aggravating my pain”.


“The only negative I have is that is wasn’t explained to me that I could have got an Uber home after staying overnight. It was fairly difficult for me to arrange pick up. That is the only negative”.


"Living in the country I cannot attend any information meetings. It would be an advantage if a sheet be sent by email on medicinal cannabis".


“I am very satisfied with my hospital stay with one comment not picked up in the question asked. I have Parkinson’s and need medication on time- the Nurse faithfully woke me up for my 4am dose but on each other occasion when the time for medication was due I waited for a while then had to ask. I don’t think your staff fully appreciate the importance of Parkinson’s medication being on time every time. While I was in theatre it was not possible- but after that I should not have needed to ask for it. The Nurse responded promptly when the buzzer was pushed but I had to ask them.
The other issue has to do with your Hospital Admission Form. There were several questions I had to phone and ask clarification for, and was told “don’t worry, it will be sorted out when you come in”. Unfortunately I didn’t keep a record of the question asked and feel that the form has severe limitations if one cannot respond appropriately and no formal follow up for clarification occurs when you arrive at the hospital”.